DPH Interview with Anna Giovannini

DPH asked Anna Giovannini to answer questions about what triggered her passion and persistence to become the talented artist she is today.

1. Where did you go to art school?

I majored in Visual Arts and History of Art and Architecture in Brown University, Rhode Island, mostly for general fine art training. After graduation, I took specialized courses in Animation and Comics at the Quanta School of Art (in São Paulo, Brazil) and at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City for a few months.

2. What got you interested in art?

I started watching cartoons and 90’s Anime when I was little, and loved to try and re-draw the characters and produce something. I felt happy when I was able to create something of my own, even if the art itself still had a long way to go, and what pushed me to pursue making comics further was during my first New York ComicCon, when I first saw an Artist Alley.

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