DPH Interview with Artist Tremaine [Trew2art] Worrell

Artist Tremaine [Trew2art] Worrell

DPH asked Tremaine [Trew2art] Worrell to answer questions about what triggered his passion and persistence to become the talented artist he is today.

1. Where did you go to art school?

I didn’t go to an art school persay. I mean I did enroll in the art instructions mail correspondence course for a lil while but didn’t finish that. I went to City Tech in Brooklyn where I learned most of my graphic design skills from. I received my associates degree.

2. What got you interested in art?

My mother was my main reason I started to get into art. She used to draw when I was a kid. So it sparked the artistic flame in me to draw from then and that flame is still going now. As well as cartoons, comics, graffiti, m9vies, anime and many things also got me interested in art.

3. Who inspires you?

My mother was my original artistic inspiration. Now it’s my artist friends and the comic artists I grew up with. There is a lot of great talent coming out on the internet that are definitely inspiring me as well. But even that would be a big list.

4. Favorite comic cons to participate in?

Hmm I have just been getting back into the swing of doing comic cons due to my day job. Greater Philadelphia wasn’t a bad show to be in. I guess any comic Con that treats their vendors and artists equally. And cons that are well organized and have good floor plans to the show that sets up a good flow for the crowds of people to move freely. Don’t really have many shows that I have participated in recently that are favorite other than greater Philly and Harrisburg comic Con.

5. Are you self taught or school taught?

instinct printPretty much self taught thru the normal stages of being an artist. And the “how to” books. Those actually helped and the college life drawing class I took. It helped with my understanding of human anatomy more than I already had. I want to take another life drawing class soon.

6. What is your passion?

I love to create artwork. Whether it’s traditional or digital. I love creating my own worlds and characters and tell the stories I want to see. I also want to get back into doing after-school programs. In the past I taught elementary to high school age children comic illustration. It was a good feeling showing kids who have a love to draw and create a guiding light for them. Help them on their journeys as artists. I want to in the future hold some workshops in the future for kids.

7. What scares or excites you about presenting your artwork?

Not too sure if I am scared to present my artwork. When I first started doing comic cons I was nervous to show my work to total strangers but as I got to do more shows I got more familiar with it. That and watching more experienced artaita as well. I like when a potential new fan/customer is drawn to certain pieces of art. And I then I explain my process and why I like that piece. Like why I chose certain features or design aspects.

8. What is your medium?

My medium for my artwork is usually mechanical pencils and alcohol based markers of various brands like Prisma color to spectrum to copic. I also color and draw digitally as well. Recently I started getting into watercolors. I saw an art brother of mine Antonio always make amazing artwork with watercolor. So I bought me my own watercolor pallet set and went to work. I really like it. I still have a ways before I am as confident enough like he is with them but he said I’m onto a great start. I also like acrylic paints as well. Haven’t done any acrylic painting in some.time though.

9. What do you try to convey with your artwork?

I just wanna share my thoughts, vision and imagination with the stories I have thought up.

10. Do you have a story or background?

Artist Tremaine [Trew2art] WorrellI’m a man who was born and raised in Queens, New York who always had a love for art and its many forms since I was a little kid. It started with 80’s cartoons then comics. As I got older I got introduced to graffiti and Japanese Anime/manga. Graffiti for its raw style and expressive nature and the urban feel of the medium. Japanese Anime/manga sparked a new way to think of telling a story and the subject matter along with the themes drastically grew past the scope of the American standard I was used to. It definitely influences me creatively to this very day.

11. What do you like/dislike about the art world?

What I dislike about the art world is the egos like in any creative industry. Like I am a humble person so when I see egos it kind of makes me annoyed with some people. And in the more non illustration aspect of art the more fine artists look down on illustrators and comic artists like what we do isn’t art. That is some elitist nonsense. Not a fan of that.

I like that with the art world you can express your own creative world to the masses and with sharing your world you may speak to someone who may feel the same way or like your viewpoint.

12. Why art?

Hmm, why not art? I’m in love with many creative things from music to movies to cartoons to comics. Loved them since a lil kid and I have my own imagination and wanna tell my own stories and share my vision of creativity.

13. How much of an understanding do you have about printing?

I have a certain degree of understanding when it comes to printing because of my college years. Going to print shops for college field trips to having to print out my own class work projects. So I know some knowledge of print specs and stuff. Paper weight. File formats. Bleed marks and etc. I know a little something.

14. What is your dream project?

My dream project other than working on my original characters and stories would be possibly working on a Static, Spiderman (miles Morales) or some other characters I loved as a kid and show my take and vision on them. Like a mini series of an alternate reality of sorts. Also maybe some Marvel characters or 80’s cartoons I love and give them a fresh updated look and retelling.

15. What is your goal?

My goal is to create beautiful artwork and tell great stories with great characters. I also wanna educate the youth with my own line of books and learning materials in a fun way and inspire the youth to be all that they can be despite what the world thinks of them.

16. Who are your idols and who do you look up to in the art world?

Hmm, can’t consider them idols but more so inspirational influences. That’s gonna be a big list. My artistic friends like Shawn Alleyne, Miguel Blanco, Afromation Art, Antonio Clark as far as my close friends. Other upcoming artists like Pheonix nebula, Sha nee Williams, Omar Clifton, Mike Colston, Qupid, umm I know I will forget some people but just know I appreciate your work and your inspiring me.

Pros or more well know. Dudes I would have to say Khary Randolph, Lesean Thomas, Chase Conley, Damian Scott, John Romita Jr, Keron Grant, Sanford Greene, Eric Canete, Jim Lee, Larry stroman, Sean Galloway, Ben Caldwell to name a few. I can definitely go on but I’m gonna stop at those.

17. What is your favorite piece that you have produced? Why is it your favorite? And what does it mean to you?

valor printI don’t really have a favorite because I like them all for different reasons. I like the Poke Queens of the Pokemon Go teams mystic, instinct and valor right now because of my personal interpretation of the teams characteristics and my own choice of the Pokemon accompanying the Poke Queens.

Where to find Tremaine.

DPH: createwithdph.com/@TremaineTrew2artWorrell
Facebook: facebook.com/Trew2art
Instagram: instagram.com/Trew2art

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