DPH Interview with Maura of Dark Arts Empire

Maura's Dark City Watercolor

DPH asked Marua to answer questions about what triggered her passion and persistence to become the talented artist she is today.

1. Where did you go to art school?

3 Semesters at Bucks County Community College in Pennsylvania. Studied psychology, fine arts, graphics design.

2. What got you interested in art?

A lot of time spent alone as a child. Crayons & coloring books. Nature. Watching 90’s music videos. Music is my major influence. Also, I would draw, and write to express my feelings often as a child.

3. Who inspires you?

Musicians. Composers. Visionaries. Architects. Artists. Original free-thinkers. Good people on this earth. The very few people that I love and trust inspire me to stay motivated.

4. Favorite comic cons to participate in?

I have not yet attended a ComicCon.

5. Are you self-taught or school taught?


6. What is your passion?

Finding moments where I genuinely appreciate being alive. Learning fascinating new things. Experiencing love, laughter, animals, and nature. I like when people connect. I am passionate about inspiring other and being inspired. I’m passionate about creating art that truly satisfies me. If you create any type of art you know, we struggle to find perfection in our own way.

7. What scares or excites you about presenting your artwork?

If you’re truly happy with what you’ve produced you should not be scared. Art is subjective. If you put your hard work, heart and soul into something and someone disagrees or tears it apart; let them. What matters is how you feel about the end-result. Also, criticism can also be very helpful for your growth. Take insight, not insult.

I can sometimes feel excitement about revealing new art.

8. What is your medium?

Fine black micron drawing pens, white bristol board or drawing paper. Prisma color colored pencils. Acrylic paint. Collage pieces: paper. old magazines etc. I use Adobe Photoshop for design enhancement or digital manipulation on art & photographs of my own.

9. What do you try to convey with your artwork?

Dichotomy. Light and dark. Nature: from living organisms to bones. Beauty and decay. I release and reveal my true feelings. I express my emotions on certain topics such as: my views on the corruption within our society. Illuminati theories. Fantasy art. I want people to believe in light & dark magic & Rituals.

When I was a child I drew castles and fairies and planets often.

I like to use immortalize dead famous people. I also like to convey my views wisdom in my art. I try to involve aspects of ancient symbols and sacred Geometry.

10. Do you have a story or background?

Sure. In short, I was diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety and depression at the age of 18. I do not wish to elaborate on the many causes of trauma at-this-time.

11. What do you like/dislike about the art world?

When I was 11, I would draw whatever was in my mind, and let it flow freely usually unplanned. There was no social media or internet, for me, at-that-time.

Social media is a great tool. It inspires me as it connects me with fascinating artists. However, over-exposure to social media, can distract me from my creative flow.

Art keeps evolving. I hope we, as a culture, don’t forget about our Art History. The originators of artistic styles and movements paved where our culture stands today. Now, we and our children are the future. I hope for the best for humanity despite the chaos and corruption.

I like supportive people who appreciate real artists. I dislike people who plagiarize. I have many influences that inspire me to create art. Through the culmination of all my inspirations I of the create my own hybrid original style.

12. Why art?

The universe is a phenomenal work of art. Art exists in everything. Plants & animals. The human body is art; from the exterior to our fingerprints. Animals. Architecture. Etc.

13. How much of an understanding do you have about printing?

Very Much. Worked for three printing companies. I have 15 years of experience with printing, designing, and formatting.

14. What is your dream project?

Three dream projects:

1 – Having a career similar to Chad Michael Ward (Fine arts, photography and fashion design. Known for dark art and photography.)

2 – Kate Lambert (Fashion Model, Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur. She is known as the Queen of Steampunk Couture)

3 – Finishing the book I am writing. ASAP!

15. What is your goal?

To support myself financially with my creative skills.

16. Who are your idols and who do you look up to in the art world?

My idols are writers, film-makers, and musicians. See my top 12 below.

Alex Gray, Banksy, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Sylvia Ji, Chad Michael Ward, Shepard Fairey, Salvidore Dali, Tim Burton, Trent Reznor, Marilyn Manson, Kate “Kato” Lambert, Matt Bailey

17. What is your favorite piece that you have produced?

A collage I made when I was 17. It’s 30×36″.

The subject matter is my musical influences. It’s a culmination of illustration, words that I typed and printed, photos from magazines & bits of smashed up CD’s. It’s significant to me in a sentimental way. It captures a time and place for me in my mind.

Where to find Maura.
DPH: createwithdph.com/@DarkArtsEmpire
Instagram: instagram.com/made_by_maura/

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