Comic Artists in Today’s World

Comic Artists Today

Being a comic artist in the 21st century is very different than what it was a few decades ago. The combination of advancements in technology and a shift from niche to mass market has created new ways to embrace the art industry, giving comic artists amazing opportunities to be successful. Which artist didn’t get that tricky question: “You’re an artist? That’s amazing… But what’s your real job?”. Well… Comic book artist is a REAL job. And if you get this one again, here are a few key elements to answer (and improve your self esteem in the process)…

Think Different

“You’re going to starve”. “You’ll be struggling every month”. “Do you even have the talent?”. Those kind of remarks can hurt. As an artist, you probably got that a lot. And it’s one of the biggest reason comic artists fail, state of mind. The failures believe life is never going to give them a break, and they blame everyone else for their problems.

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