DPH Interview with Photographer Alex Belisle

Parking Here by Alex Belisle

DPH asked photographer Alex Belisle to answer questions about what triggered his passion and persistence to become the talented photographer he is today.

1. Where did you go to art school?

I never received any schooling at all. I did fail 4th grade art because I made a Christmas ornament Green & Black . My teacher hated the colors. No lie. I was crushed. It soured me on art teachers. That stayed with me forever. Still want nothing to do with them.

2. What made you interested in art?

Tough question as I don’t look at what I do as art. I just always saw things I wanted to remember. Places I had great memories of, people I loved. When I shoot, I remember everything. Sights, smells, temperature, what I was listening to for music. So, for me it’s a full-blown memory.

3. Who inspires you?

Silly as it sounds, Peter Parker. Loved Spider-Man as a kid. Totally related to him. I always saw the bullied kid who had an escape. I couldn’t climb walls, but I could take pictures.

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